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July 29, 2015

Your Marketing Scorecard – Branding

Branding is arguably the most important strategy for your firm and one for which success or failure can be the most challenging to measure.  Over the last 20 years, branding has gone from a nebulous concept for law firms to a recognized, must-have asset.  It is incontrovertible that firms with well-established brands have the ability to charge premium rates versus their competitors, sometimes multiples of the rates charged by competitors in their markets.  But, where do you start? Brands are typically either market-driven (this is how the market perceives our strengths, so we will play to that in our communications) […]
July 29, 2015

Your Marketing Scorecard

In countless conversations with Managing Partners, Chief Marketing Officers, Marketing Directors and Marketing Operations Directors/Managers, the question I hear over and over is: “How do we measure return on investment for our marketing spend?” Said another way, “How do we determine if the marketing strategies we employ are working?”  A corollary to this is, “How to we demonstrate to firm management, department chairs and our partners that our marketing investments are worthwhile?” Too often, the question is dismissed with the response, “Well, there is no way to know FOR SURE if our investments are worthwhile.” And to some extent, that […]
April 9, 2015

He had me at “A Whole New Mind.” A Dan Pink primer for #LMAIntl conference attendees.

I am looking forward to hearing Daniel Pink speak at the LMA Annual Conference next week.  My first introduction to his work was a few years ago, when a friend gave me, “A Whole New Mind”.  At the time, I thought, “Oh great, another business book.”  Then, a few pages in, I began to think that there may be something in its pages that was game-changing. There was. As a former practicing attorney turned law firm management and marketing consultant and executive, I have been surrounded by left-brain thinkers throughout my professional life.  You know the type: A + B […]