Speaking, Professional Development and Coaching

Training in substantive legal skills is just the first step in developing effective, well-rounded legal professionals and executives.  Mantra Partner provides training, coaching and speaker services to ensure law firm leaders and practitioners have a full curricula in legal leadership, management, marketing and business development skills.  We offer a variety of programs for national and regional conferences and seminars, retreat presentations and in-house training, development and coaching programs, including:

  • Professional speaking at conferences, seminars, retreats and other events
  • Individual marketing and business development coaching
  • Leadership coaching, training and development programs
  • Stress management and mindfulness for the busy professional/executive

Speaking and training program topics include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing/business development planning for firms and/or practice groups
  • Practice group leadership/management
  • Marketing resources, metrics and return on investment
  • Managing client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Developing and implementing a successful coaching program
  • Law firm profitability and economics for the new partner
  • Leadership development
  • Generational management and marketing
  • Digital and social media marketing strategies
  • Core values
  • Mindfulness programs and stress reduction

For additional information, please contact us at mtaylor@mantrapartner.com or 610.453.4477.