Social Distancing – A Time for Reflection and Planning.


Social Distancing – A Time for Reflection and Planning. Marci Taylor

If there’s one thing we all wish for, it is more time. For our lawyer and non-lawyer clients, the story remains the same. How do we escape the busy wheel and have some time for self-reflection, planning and maybe even some creativity? The current health crisis is impacting everyone, in many ways, but one thing is for sure – how we are spending our time looks different than it did just a few weeks ago.
First and foremost, business-wise, check in on your clients. Surely, they are going through much angst about keeping employees safe and keeping them employed during uncertain times.
Once you have assured that your client/customer and family needs are taken care of, why not take some time to get to the things on “the list” that you aspire to do, but never quite get to? Here are a few ways you can start:

  1. Work on your personal strategic plan. It may seem counterintuitive to consider the longer term, when we are not really certain what will happen in the coming weeks. However, we all know that we will return to some kind of new normal soon, and we need to be prepared for how that will impact our businesses. How would you like to grow your practice/business? How are your clients’ needs going to change following the crisis? What are their pain points? Their biggest opportunities? Who are the clients you enjoy working with the most and where can you find more like them? How can you make your current practice/business more profitable? What are the new services or products you have been wanting to offer? What education have you been interested in that you haven’t been able to pursue? (It’s a webinar paradise out there right now!)

  2. Shore up your online presence. Other than home pages, the most visited website pages are professional biographies. When was the last time you updated your bio? Have you included your recent successes, accomplishments and awards? Can you tell your clients’/customers’ experiences through case studies or story? When did you last update your LinkedIn Bio? Other than website bios, Linked In bios are next most important way clients and customers learn more about you.

  3. Create content. Sure, you may be thinking about that article you’ve been meaning to write for some time. Instead, we challenge you to think of your ideas in terms of a content package, rather than just an article. A blog post can become a social media post, can become a seminar presentation, can become a webinar, can become a pitch for a published article, can become a video, and so on. Get your ideas together in one place and start with whichever type of content comes easiest to you. Then, think about how you can reuse and repurpose that content to get the most mileage from your work.

Most of all, enjoy your family time. Help out in your community wherever and however you can. And let’s all take three deep breaths together.

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