Your Marketing Scorecard – Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction Scorecard

Your Marketing Scorecard – Client Satisfaction Marci Taylor

Although most new law firm matters come from existing clients, many firms focus the overwhelming majority of their marketing resources on attracting new clients to the firm. Some firms with longstanding relationships with institutional clients understand that investing time and money into relationships with existing clients can provide significant returns, both in terms of client loyalty and profitability.  Understanding your clients’ level of satisfaction, areas for concern and ongoing needs is critical to truly delivering the high level of client service that law firms tout.

Client surveys can be conducted via in-person interviews, telephone surveys or electronic surveys, and each type has their benefits and their limitations.  In-person or telephone interviews provide more qualitative information and allow for more in-depth follow-up questions.  Electronic surveys provide more quantitative information and can allow you to reach a greater number of clients in a more cost-efficient manner.

Whichever method you utilize, your client satisfaction surveys should measure: overall satisfaction; the relative importance and level of satisfaction with particular satisfaction factors such as work quality, service delivery, responsiveness and value; reasons for firm selection; fees and billing; likelihood for referrals; and needs going forward.

Follow up is critical.  With the metrics above, however, your firm can develop and implement some concrete marketing strategies for particular practices, industries and clients based on solid research.

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